Nonstick coating refurbishment

Thanks to the possibility of re-applying the PTFE coating, you can significantly reduce production costs and extend the working time without sticking. Our technology allows you to remove both, carbonized residue and old coating, before we apply a new one. In many cases, our coatings offer better non-stick properties than those recommended by machine manufacturers.

Before After croissant tray ptfe teflon coated nonstick.plcroissant tray ptfe teflon coated


By using our PTFE coating services you make your work easier. From today it will run without sticking. In addition, you will gain the highest chemical resistance and a low coefficient of friction from 0.02. Our rigorous but effective quality control guarantees your satisfaction with every coating we apply.

Our fluoropolymer PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE coatings can be applied to steel, aluminum, steel alloys, brass and magnesium, as well as ceramics, rubbers and plastics. We also regenerate used PTFE coatings, which significantly reduces the total costs compared to the continuous use of new parts. We are happy to undertake any project, which is why we do not impose a minimum order size.

Fluoropolymer coating is used in the chemical industry, mechanical engineering, automotive industry, sealing industry, packaging industry and in the food industry. Fluoropolymer coating in the food industry has the advantage that many coatings have FDA and EU food approvals, such as FDA CFR 21 and the EU 2004/1935 / EG.

Our short lead times allow you to further minimize the size of your warehouse, which translates into additional savings.

Do you care about non-stick? Chemical resistance? Corrosion protection? We will be happy to choose the right non-stick coating for your application.

toast loaf bread industrial ptfe coating
toast loaf bread industrial ptfe coating

Use our nonstick coatings

  • prevent the dough from sticking to baking trays and molds during baking
  • baking without using fat
  • easy to clean – you save time, water and energy
  • anti-corrosive properties
  • high working temperature – up to 260°C
  • unmatched durability – from 2000 up to 5000 baking cycles
  • approved for contact with food
  • maintenance-friendly

PTFE coating services

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