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As graduates of the Polytechnic, we have been combining passion and experience with modern technologies for years. So that nothing sticks in your work. We strive to offer more than just applying Teflon coatings. We are developing together with the market. We are constantly expanding our horizons, modernizing production processes and adapting to current needs. Our coatings are the sum of our experiences. We coat both new elements and regenerate used ones. Fluoropolymer coatings applied by us not only facilitate work but also significantly extend the life of machine parts and devices exposed to rapid wear throughout Europe.

We love what we do and it gives us a lot of joy. We care about your satisfaction. Belief that we met your expectations. So that nothing sticks and your work is easier.

PTFE Beschichtung

Our coatings

PTFE coating

The highest operating temperature of all fluoropolymers, up to + 260 ° C. The lowest coefficient of friction. Good abrasion and chemical resistance completes the list of its advantages. Can be used in the food industry.

PFA coating

It melts and flows when baking in our oven, thanks to which we get a non-porous film and increased resistance to penetration. In combination with high continuous working temperature +260 ° C and higher hardness than PTFE or FEP they will ensure easy work. Can be used in the food industry.

FEP coating

Like PFA, FEP melts and flows when baking in our oven, thanks to which we obtain a non-porous film and increased resistance to penetration. In addition to its excellent chemical resistance, it is distinguished by its high dielectric strength. The whole is complemented by a high operating temperature of 200 ° C as well as excellent anti-adhesive properties and a low coefficient of friction. Can be used in the food industry.

ETFE coating

In our opinion, this is the most durable fluoropolymer coating. ETFE is a thermoplastic copolymer resulting from the polymerization of ethylene and tetrafluoroethylene monomers. The ETFE coating is extremely hard and resistant to abrasion. In addition, it is distinguished by excellent chemical resistance and operating temperature up to 150 ° C. Can be used in the food industry.

powłoki teflonowe


By asking us to apply a fluoropolymer coating, you make your work easier. From today it will run without sticking. In addition, you will gain the highest chemical resistance and a low coefficient of friction from 0.02. Our rigorous but effective quality control guarantees your satisfaction with every coating we apply.

Our fluoropolymer PTFE, PFA, FEP and ETFE coatings can be applied to steel, aluminum, steel alloys, brass and magnesium, as well as ceramics, rubbers and plastics. We also regenerate used Teflon coatings, which significantly reduces the total costs compared to the continuous use of new parts. We are happy to undertake any project, which is why we do not impose a minimum order size.

Our short lead times allow you to further minimize the size of your warehouse, which translates into additional savings.

Do you care about non-stick? Chemical resistance? Corrosion protection? We will be happy to choose the right non-stick coating for your application.

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