Trwałe powłoki teflonowe, produkcja narzędzi z mosiądzu l zgrzewadła produkcja i naprawa l teflonowanie l NonStick.pl

What is a PTFE coating?

What is a PTFE coating? The PTFE coating is a synthetic fluoropolymer with a mer – [- CF2 – CF2−] n− structure. As a result, it offers resistance to harsh chemicals and extreme temperatures. It also offers low relative dielectric permittivity, low dissipation factor and extremely high resistance. PTFE coatings have been used successfully in …

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trwała powłoka nieprzywierająca, powlekanie teflonem metalu, praca bez przywierania nonstick

Coating specialists

Coating specialists NonStick.pl are coating specialists that you can trust! Regardless of your application, we will find the best PTFE coating. By commissioning us to coat machine elements or spare parts: > Your products are easier to separate – you will forget to stick the foil on the sealing beads or the dough on the …

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