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Coating specialists are coating specialists that you can trust!

Regardless of your application, we will find the best PTFE coating.

By commissioning us to coat machine elements or spare parts:

> Your products are easier to separate – you will forget to stick the foil on the sealing beads or the dough on the molds
> You save a lot of money – our non-stick coatings extend the service life of your tools or machine parts
> No more frequent downtime for cleaning machines – no more scraping off sticky dough or resin

Why should I choose a fluoropolymer coating?

The fluoropolymer coating (PTFE, FEP, PFA or ETFE) significantly increases the abrasion resistance of the metal covered with it. This is because this polymer has an extremely low surface free energy and has a coefficient of friction of μ = 0.05 – 0.2. As a result, surfaces covered with a fluoropolymer coating are resistant to any contamination and significantly reduce friction by interacting with other materials. In addition, covering the metal with a technical non-stick coating prevents sticky or loose products from sticking to the coated metal. In other words, Non-Stick coatings prevent a variety of products from sticking to machinery during the manufacturing process. Our coatings are available in both powder and liquid form and are applied using an electrostatic powder gun or HVLP spray gun. As specialists in coatings, we spray powder on black steel, stainless steels, low-alloy steel, aluminum alloys, brass, glass, ceramics and some types of rubbers and plastics and apply them electrostatically. Even if something sticks, it is enough to wipe the surface of PTFE coating with a damp cloth. Thanks to this time you have spent on downtime related to cleaning chutes, molds or mixers, maintenance staff can be tranfered to improvements in other areas of production. Application of our non-stick coatings not only make your parts easy clean but reduce down time and improve hygiene, flow rate and product release. PTFE is not only resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures, it is also a non-absorbent material. As a result, the coated parts are corrosion-resistant, which significantly increases their service life.

Teflonization – the PTFE coating process, how is it done?

We apply PTFE coatings to both new and used elements on a daily basis. We also regenerate PTFE coatings and restore their previous non-stick and anti-corrosion properties. In our company we apply manual spraying or electrostatic powder coating. Both methods must be preserved by baking at temperatures up to 400 ° C. But before that happens, we need to properly prepare the surface of the detail. It needs to be cleaned and degreased. Depending on the type of substrate and the intended non-stick coating, we then use phosphating or sandblasting (180 degree increments). These activities increase the adhesion of the PTFE coating. Coatings are typically characterized in that a so-called primer layer or even a primer system, which can consist of several layers, is used in order to improve the adhesion. In our coating systems we combine an adhesive / starter, pigments, stabilizers and resins that are adapted to the subsequent application. The selection and proportion of the ingredients as well as the final structure of the layers then determine the function and performance of the top layer used. Non-stick coatings can be applied to many different materials. This group includes plastics: normal and stainless steel, aluminum, brass and rubber. Thanks to the PFA or PTFE coating, the metal surface has excellent resistance to chemicals. Only alkali metals and highly reactive fluorinated substances can disturb the protective layer. Another advantage that results from applying a PTFE layer to machine elements is the high temperature resistance from -200°C to + 260°C. If a standard non-stick coating isn’t enough we offer our customers bespoke colour options, surface roughness, coat thicknesses and levels of conductivity and thermal control.

The above properties of the PTFE coatings used by make our coatings ideal for the following industries:

Automotive – In the well-known automotive industry, our coatings prevent sticking and make it easier to remove elements from molds, e.g. B. in the manufacture of tires
Packaging – Our non-stick coatings prevent PP and PE films from sticking
Food – Special PTFE and silicone coatings prevent the dough and confectionery mass from sticking to baking trays, moulds, chutes, dies and dough knives
Pharmaceutical industry – we coat surgical instruments, containers for the transport and storage of frozen organs and blood plasma
Textiles – We coat textile shafts, spiral rollers and banana rollers to distribute wrinkles with a non-stick coating

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us anyway – we will find the right PTFE non-stick coating for your application. Regardless of whether it is a single or large series production. Our team of experts is the best specialist in the field of technical coatings in the country. Specialists in non-stick coatings!

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